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Software Engineering
60K - 80K USD per year

nClouds is a credentialed, award-winning provider of DevOps and cloud professional services, products, and solutions, specializing in modern infrastructures on AWS. We work as an extension of our clients and love tackling their stickiest challenges. All so our clients can deliver innovation faster and create awesome customer experiences.

Job Description

Associate Support Engineer is a junior level position in nClouds Oncall Support Services team and is assigned to the engineer who has completed the initial training and probation phase. Support Engineer is directly responsible for handling alerts and tickets for the assigned clients and works under the supervision of Senior Support Engineer.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Associates often work under the supervision of more experienced support engineers or AWS professionals.
  • First level of responder to client’s infrastructure issues, alerts, tickets and queries.
  • Ensure in-time response to client’s alerts, tickets and queries within agreed upon SLA.
  • Ensure manning of the alert management system (PagerDuty) during his/her shift.
  • Assist Senior Support Engineer in building and maintaining Runbooks of the assigned clients.
  • Assist Senior Support Engineer in configuring and maintaining monitoring and alerting platforms for the assigned clients infrastructure.
  • Complete assigned training and certifications.
  • Actively participate in Demos and write blog posts. They may also assist with documentation and knowledge base articles.
  • Responsibilities often include providing technical assistance to AWS customers via email or chat, helping them resolve basic technical issues, and answering general questions about AWS services.


  • Good understanding of basic cloud concepts.
  • At least 1 year hands on experience with some basic to intermediate level skills on Linux/Unix based OS.
  • Basic to Intermediate level knowledge and some hands-on experience with AWS services like VPC, EC2, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, IAM, RDS, ECS/EKS, Lambda, Opsworks, VPN etc.
  • Basic to Intermediate level knowledge of Shell/Bash scripting.
  • Hands-on experience and basic knowledge of Monitoring tools like Nagios, Icinga, datadog, NewRelic, Cloudwatch etc.
  • Hands-on experience and basic knowledge of logging tools like AWS Cloudwatch logs, Papertrail, Datadog Logs, sumologic etc.
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