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50K - 75K USD per year

This role will be on the infrastructure team that supports the whole of Network Ninja. Everyone is remote, distributed across the U.S., so being able to handle Pacific to Eastern timezones is a requirement.

If you’re interested so far, please read the rest of the req in its entirety, and follow the instructions contained within to apply. There will be 1 screening interview with senior management, and then 1 technical interview with members of the Infrastructure team. We move methodically, and quickly, and you probably do, too, so this can be an efficient process.

Responsibilities, Requirements, and Job Concepts

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Apple Business Essentials manages the workstations, from configuring them at the factory, to securely wiping them at the end of their lifecycle. We’d like to add some additional granularity to what is allowed/disallowed, and this role will plan and manage this in conjunction with our SREs on the infrastructure team.

  • Experience with Apple Business Essentials MDM, or something comparable (Jamf, Kandji, etc.) is required.
  • Managing procurement, maintenance, repairs, and replacement when needed.

Security a part of every decision

Heavy emphasis on security and using the best technology available without undermining our security, while maintaining a level of user-friendliness, is the objective.

As new software (or, rarely, hardware) requirements come in from users, they need to be evaluated and approved/denied, with good reason, after thorough vetting. The intent here is to say “yes” to as much as possible - again, without undermining our security efforts.

Network Ninja develops software that requires compliance with laws like HIPAA and CCPA, in addition to our internal policies and procedures, many of which are built around SOC 2 Type 2 requirements. We are audited at least annually, in perpetuity. User endpoints like workstations play a big part.

  • Understanding things like phishing, malware, password security, supply chain attacks, using encryption, and least privilege concepts is required.

Evaluate software to confirm it’s safe and meets our policy requirements

Between installed applications and browser extensions, there is a lot of room for bad things to happen. You will be an, or the, integral part of the process of inventorying, auditing, and managing this software. An example might be dev tools like homebrew, which is currently prohibited because of supply chain attack concerns. Perhaps Docker is the solution?

This effort will be positively transformative while sometimes being unpopular with someone. If your reasoning is impeccable, policy decisions are generally accepted without complaint.

  • Experience providing training and support for third-party software applications, including tools you don’t use personally, is required.

Software evangelist

We use quite a few cloud and local applications, and sometimes even duplicate functionality (Meet and Zoom, as examples) based on personal or team preferences. This role will be uniquely positioned to help us stay on top of new tools, and new features in our existing tools.

  • Learn about the software we use, find where it’s being underutilized, and show users the way.
  • Help users find the best software for their needs by gathering requirements and doing research.

Create meticulous documentation

You will often be developing new policies, with help, and need to communicate these policies to all employees in a concise but thorough manner. Good docs are one of the keys to doing this efficiently.

  • Follow standards, use and develop templates, and generally convey information thoughtfully.

Friendly and Knowledgeable

Communicate effectively and courteously, handling passionate discussions and providing knowledgeable responses to a variety of technology-related questions from users with diverse technical backgrounds.

  • Able to convey complicated concepts with a smile.

A power user and software enthusiast

Do you LIKE technology? Do you use it in your personal life for leverage, or fun?

  • This isn’t a requirement, but it seems to help.

macOS is Unix

Familiarity with Unix-based systems (could be exclusively macOS) will be crucial in this role to ensure efficient troubleshooting, system management, and the secure implementation of applications and tools in our environment.

  • Familiarity with command line, and concepts like running web servers behind firewalls on workstations, required.

General details

The position is remote, and open to U.S. citizens living and working in the United States. It is a full time position, and the annual rate of pay is $50k to $75k, depending on experience. We provide hardware and software as needed.

Instructions on how to apply

A human wrote this req. A human will review your application. If the application doesn’t follow instructions, or the email is convoluted because it’s been written by an LLM, it will be disregarded.

Please keep it short, and human, and send your 1) resume (your name in the filename, if attachment), 2) a cover letter explaining your understanding of the position and how you’re the only candidate that matters, and 3) any work product samples you’d like to show off, to:

At Network Ninja we value the diversity in backgrounds and experiences that our employees bring to us. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates.

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