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Are Art and Design professionals in high demand?

There is a steady demand for arts and design professionals, although it is not as strong as for some other occupations.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment in Arts and Design occupations is projected to grow by 2 percent from 2021 to 2023.
  • While this is a bit less than the average for all occupations, the increase is expected to result in about 20,500 new jobs over the decade.

What is it like to work remotely in Art and Design?

  • Many jobs in the Arts and Design sector are particularly well-suited for remote work. These include graphic designers, content creators, illustrators, photographers, and writers — all of which belong among the roles with the most remote opportunities on the job market.
  • Remote work can offer a lot of flexibility in terms of when and where work gets done. This can be particularly well-suited for people in creative jobs, where inspiration often strikes outside of typical work hours or in non-traditional settings.
  • Some creatives find that they are able to to be more productive when working from home, free from distractions of a busy office. This is becomes even more prominent when they need to focus for long stretches of time to complete creative projects.