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Blueprint Test Prep

50 - 199 employees

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Blueprint was founded by experienced educators on one simple premise: Students will learn more when they’re having fun.

As we've grown over the years, we've never lost sight of that guiding principle. A more engaging student experience will drive better results for our students. Today, we combine a personalized learning platform with industry-leading content and live instruction. We hire instructors and tutors who are passionate about teaching, and know that a goofy joke can be an important teaching tool. We bring dense material to life with advanced video production and animation. We take organic chemistry and clinical medical education and we make it entertaining.

Now, after 17 years in business, we are one of the leading test prep and professional training companies in the nation. Our goal is to support our learners through their journey with innovative solutions and a powerful, supportive community. We currently focus on some of the most demanding career paths - lawyers, doctors, PAs, and nurses. We have joined forces with some amazing teams over the past few years. Together, our vision is to build the future of professional education and training, helping millions of learners improve their lives and the lives of others.

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United States of America
Company size
50 - 199 employees

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