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Equal access to job opportunities

When we launched RemoteMore back in 2019, this was before Corona. Remote work had not taken off yet. Remote was an obscure thing with only a small number of companies leading the way (e.g. Basecamp, Zapier, RemoteMore). Remote work was very much not the norm back then.

At that time, our mission was “We want to give equal access to job opportunities to everyone. Regardless of where they are based”. Because we saw in remote work the potential of changing billions of lives in a very tangible way. This was an opportunity of a lifetime. But now that all companies are willing to hire remotely, is our mission still relevant?

We believe that our mission is even more relevant today. Now we need the companies go from “willingness to hire remotely” to “repeatedly hiring remotely”. We need a contemporary hiring product for the realities of global, remote hiring. This means, a product that finds the best candidate for each company in the whole world. This means, a product that finds the best company for each candidate in the whole world.

Join us on this journey towards global collaboration together.

Boris Krastev

CEO, RemoteMore

HQ Location
United States of America
Company size
10 - 49 employees

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