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50 - 199 employees

About us

CompanyCam exists purely to make fun of our CEO, Luke Hansen. We tell investors, though, that we exist to help contractors build trust with their crews and customers (which is also true, so it doesn’t count as lying).

In 2014, Luke was working for his family’s roofing business and found himself spending too much time trying to get his crews to document job sites. He looked around for software to make his life easier, and found an astrology app — but nothing that would help with the documenting-jobs thing.

Luke decided to make a solution ​“himself” — so he hired a local software company. Together they created the first version of CompanyCam, but that was only the beginning. Since then we’ve grown, changed, and adapted to stay ahead of our users’ trades. We embrace change and improvement, and we continue to add new features and integrations.

In 2021, we received a $30 million investment, which we are putting right back into our product and customers like the responsible adults we occasionally are. We are proud of our app, but CompanyCam’s value is in our people — employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders are our greatest assets.

And we’re not done yet.

IT, Software Engineering
HQ Location
United States of America
Company size
50 - 199 employees

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