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Walmart Store Manager Resume Sample (Versão Texto)

Chris Norton

Address: USA
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Work experience

01/2017 - present, Bakery Manager, WalMart
  • Ensure all department opening and closing procedures are properly completed and maintain associated documentation.
  • Communicated with customers, employees and other individuals to answer questions and explain information.
  • Compile, copy, sort, file records of office activities and business transactions.
  • Entered information into computer databases.
  • Maintain and update filing, inventory, mailing and database systems.
  • Manages filing system and compiles records of department activities.
  • Monthly inventory and ordering.
  • Operate office machines such as photocopier, scanners and personal computers.
  • Verified that information in the computer system was up-to-date and accurate.
  • Resolve all customer complaints in a professional manner while prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Resolve inaccuracies identified by backtracking and searching for financial records to make proper corrections as needed.
  • Use point-of- sale software to enter, access and retrieve financial data for point of sale date and compute financial reports and documents.
  • Knowledge of mechanical procedures dealing with industrial photographic printing machines, both analog and digital.
2014 - 2016, Book Department Manager, Hastings Entertainment, Inc
  • Assisting in the realization of your store’s maximum profit contribution.
  • Creating customer base through communication, integrity, managing staff.
  • Employ extensive product knowledge to provide recommendations that meet the unique needs of each customer.
  • Maintaining inventory control and stocked items.
  • Performing inventory physical checks and counts with accuracy.


Education, Broome Community College


Grammar and Spelling
People Management
Project Management
Computer Skills


Store Decorating - 85%
Attention to Detail - 100%
Critical Thinking - 100%


Ability to learn from mistakes
Working under pressure
Strategic planning
Strong work ethic


Exploring distant lands
Getting lost in a good book
Capturing moments
Feeling the music
Every kind of sport
Visão Geral da Posição:

Store Manager

As for any manager, even a Store Manager, some previous general management experience will greatly help with performing the basic responsibilities you are likely to take on. Store Managers drive sales by ensuring effective presentation of merchandise, set prices to be competitive, manage the inventory levels. They also overlook the duties of shop assistants and cashiers and supervise basically every other day-to-day operation that keeps a store running. Apart from previous formal experience in management, key organization and communications skills are of grave importance for any manager, as are other office skills like being able to use basic computer programs.

Visão Geral da Empresa:

Hardly in need of an introduction, Walmart is the biggest retail store chain and the biggest employer in the USA. As different methods for shopping become more popular, Walmart has been active in trying not to fall behind. Working here entail almost a 100% chance for development, since their integrated team is changing the way their shops work and harvest career-catapulting opportunities. As the biggest employer in the US, they are able to provide workers with great health benefits, adaptability, and flexibility regarding working hours and bonuses. One thing to look out for can be the demand your job can have here, as it can get pretty busy on all levels.

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How to write your own Store Manager resume?

1. Demonstrate how well you can utilize the formally required tools

Creating resumes is, to at least a degree, about creating an ‘eye-catching’ aspect to your application. Something that can set you apart from the other applicants (in a good way) and something that will force a reader to really look at your profile, not merely glace over it. 

A good method to aid in creating this effect is visually demonstrating how good you are at using the managerial skills that recruiters expect you to have. Even better, if you think that you are able to do something that goes beyond these people’s imagination, include that to your list of skills, along with an indication of your proficiency for that particular skill.

Store Manager Skills Example

  • "People Management - Very Good"

  • "Project Management - Excellent"

  • "Organization - Excellent"

  • "Computer Skills - Excellent"

2. Create a space for your application’s key takeaways 

Following in the spirit of creating something that will make readers focus on your application, you should also give them something to think about after they are done with the reading part.

By highlighting what readers should have taken from both your list of skills and accounts of previous work experience, it will remind them of the sections they have read before, carrying this content in their minds through to the discussion on who to hire. If you make people focus on something you want them to know about you, they are likely to bring that up when arguing in favor of you.

Store Manager Strengths Example

  • "Ability to learn from mistakes, Accuracy, Adaptable, Coaching, Dependability, Leadership, Perseverance, Working under pressure, Strategic planning, Strong work ethic"

3. Maintain a clear and concise communication throughout

Your resume itself is a tool you can use to convey the characteristics of your professional self. When writing, or even before you start, try to think of the image most fitting for an applicant for this post. With management positions, this entails all the skills we have already mentioned.

Conveying good communication skills, for example, can be done by keeping the writing in your resume really clear and succinct. Use effective working and sentence structure. Other than the literary level, make sure you do not overdo the visuals of the resume to the point that it may become distracting, despite the fact that we told you to ‘catch the reader's eye. There’s a fine line for everything.

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