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Cardiac Nurse Resume Sample (Versão texto completo)


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Professional Profile

Versatile and dynamic registered Cardiovascular Nurse dedicated to providing top-quality patient care. 15 years of nursing experience, including, but not limited to, interdisciplinary healthcare team contribution, nursing interventions to promote patient comfort and advocacy. Passion for knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the heart, commitment to development and willing to keep up with cardiovascular research. Soothing and calm demeanor, well-accustomed to active cardiac environments and patient family education toward enhanced health.


08/2010 - 03/2018, Cardiac RN, Shepherd Medical Center, Quebec, Canada

Served as a member of an interdisciplinary healthcare team, taking care of patients on the cardiac floor post bypass, cardiac catheterization MI, and other co-occurring conditions. Played a vital role in starting a cardiac program, which focuses on the management of dyspnea and chest pain for CHF patients in the home to avoid emergency room visits and hospital admissions.

  • Developed key relationships with primary care physicians, cardiologists, and other clinicians to maintain a patient's continuum of care throughout hospice admission via symptom management.
  • Ordered and interpreted diagnostic studies such as lab work, EKGs, ECHO, stress tests to help facilitate suitable management of the patient's conditions.
  • Delivered high-quality patient care in a number of different clinical settings, including pre-op, and peri-op care. Acted as a circulating nurse during surgery, maintained sterile procedures.
  • Provided ad hoc nursing support during periods of heavy patient loads and the absence of personnel.
  • Initiated IV therapy to include antibiotic therapy, cardiac drips, monitored blood infusion and pain management.
03/2002 - 04/2010, Cardiac Nurse Specialist, Crystal Coast Hospital, Ottawa, Canada

Worked under the supervision of a cardiologist, and cardiovascular surgeons treating critically ill cardiovascular patients including those recovering from bypass, pacemaker

or angioplasty heart surgery.

  • Worked with doctors, nurses, medical staff and case managers in overseeing the care of patients.
  • Communicated with patients and families and provide emotional support.
  • Monitored physical activity of cardiac patients, performed stress tests, EKG, 2D Echo on patients.
  • Recorded patient's medical history and symptoms.
  • Administered treatments and medications as per doctor's instructions
  • Monitored heart devices like defibrillators and pacemakers.
03/2005 - 05/2007, Student Practitioner, University of Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Observed and assisted cardiac nurses during their day-to-day responsibilities.


05/2002 - 07/2003, Registered Nurse Certification, University of Quebec, Toronto, Canada

GPA: 3.92

The 2003 Academic Excellence Award winner

02/1992 - 03/1996, Bachelor’s of Science, Cardiac Nursing, University of Quebec, Ottawa, Canada

Core Qualifications

Emergency Care
Telemetry monitoring
Medication administration
EKG, 2D Echo, CAD


Strong Patient Assessment
Excellent Nursing and Clinical skills
Effective Communication Skills
Adept at Prioritizing/Managing Deadlines
Strong Clinical Judgment

Volunteer Experience

09/2014 - present, ORGAN DONATION COORDINATOR, Canadian Organ Donation Services


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