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Business & Management Graduate CV Example (Versão Texto)

Tyler Vader

Address: 10 Manchester street N21, 53703, Madison, WI
Email address:
Phone number: (999) 999-9999


Hardworking business-management graduate with proven leadership, organisational, and product-development skills seeking to apply my abilities to the position of [position] at [company name]


09/2013 - present, Associate Sourcing Manager, Lands' End, Dodgeville
  • Manage the product-development process, from concept through introduction to market, ensuring design intention, merchant pricing and assortment strategies are achieved
  • Primary interface for design group, merchandising and vendors through all stages in the product-development cycle (concept to customer)
  • Responsible for overall costing of each component of the product so as to attain year-on-year increase in gross profit
  • Negotiate pricing, quantity and lead-time delivery terms for key product inputs from factories, producers and suppliers
  • Verify that data documented within internal software systems is entered accurately and in a timely manner by team members
  • Designed reporting format, leveraging multiple database systems, to streamline data used by members of global product team
10/2007 - 01/2013, Rental Office Assistant Manager, Concours Motors, Milwaukee, WI
  • Responsible for logistic management of a multi-site 75+ car rental fleet
  • Developed understanding of customer service and relations


07/2013, Supply Chain and Operations Management, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • Study abroad – Australia
  • Dean's List


  • Manage category driving over $40 million annually
  • Lead costing negotiations to increase gross margin by 15% on key products
  • Excellent reporting and presentation skills
  • Highly proficient with MS Excel, MS Access, PLM (product lifecycle management) software
  • Completed course work in ERP software implementation


Visão Geral da Posição:

Business Management Graduate

Good Business Management or Business Administration degree prepares its’ graduates for various roles and positions in multiple business sectors and industries. Therefore, their career options are very varied and they can choose which area to focus on. Throughout the years at university business students gain beneficial knowledge and practical experience in Marketing, Finance, Leadership, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, and many others. Since most of the medium-sized and large companies in basically any industry need functional and effective managers, business schools and their students are one of the top options where to look for potential management hires. These companies also often offer graduate training which is a great opportunity to determine the graduate’s strengths and weaknesses. After the training, they can allocate the graduate to any department and on basically any Junior Management position as needed.

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How to write your own Business Management Graduate resume?

1. Describe your work experience

Although, as a fresh graduate you probably haven’t been employed by many companies or haven’t worked as a Manager try to describe as many work experiences as possible. These can include internships, summer jobs, and also volunteering if applicable. Don’t forget to specify your responsibilities and duties and try to put them into numbers. They will not only make your resume look better but will also show to your potential employer that you focused on education as well as gaining a real-word experience.

Business Management Graduate Work Responsibilities Example

  • “Conducted detailed statistical analysis and evaluations of business operations and performance; completed weekly reports and presented findings to managers.”

  • “Designed client/staff surveys, analyzed financial statements, and worked on the development and implementation of new automation test scripts.”

  • “Monitored market trends, prepared professional graphs, charts, and presentations, and participated in team meetings with executives.”

2. Include your academic achievements

As mentioned above, graduates do not usually have a lot of job experience. That’s the main reason why it is good to show to the Hiring Managers that you worked hard in school and accomplished great results which should not be left from your resume. Did you win any academic awards? Were you a class president, representative or leader of any school club or society? Did you participate in extracurricular activities? Let your potential employer know about it. 

Business Management Graduate Academic Achievements Example

  • “The Best Graduate Award winner (Grade 1 – A/excellent equivalent in all subjects).”

  • “The Principal’s Award winner for the 1st prize in the National Economics Competition.”

  • “Founded and managed the Business Club for two years at university.”

3. Write a profile summary

Don’t forget to create a custom profile section/resume objective and put it at the very top of your resume. This section should include 2-3 sentences which best describe who you are and what position are you looking for. Don’t make it too long or too short and only include relevant information to professionally summarize your resume.

Business Management Graduate Profile Example

  • “Performance-driven and motivated Business Management graduate skilled at completing a detailed statistical analysis, designing client/staff surveys, monitoring market trends, and preparing professional presentations. Possessing great communication skills, excellent teamwork abilities, and dedication to meet and exceed all goals, Tyler is currently looking for a Business Graduate position.”

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