Amazon Web Services Senior Advisory Consultant Resume Example

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Amazon Web Services Senior Advisory Consultant Resume Example
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Amazon Web Services Senior Advisory Consultant Resume Example (Full Text Version)

Emilio Carballar

Email address:
Phone number: 555-555-5555


An IT expert passionate about the software development with 20+ years of experience working with teams in all software life-cycle, with quality and fulfillment of business market needs.

Work experience

06/2019 - present, Enterprise Architect, ELO, São Paulo, Brazil

A architecture team created to deliver portfolio of credit and debit card in using lean and agile principles, aligning executives, data, infra, security, Dev and quality teams in goals focused in DevOps principles and products do the Brazil Market using SAFE (scale agile framework) with 20 agile teams.

  • Influencing common modelling, design and coding practices.
  • Collaborating with Lean Portfolio Management to provide a high-level, all-inclusive vision of enterprise solutions and development initiatives.
  • Defining key key technical initiatives that support lean budgets.
  • Participating in the strategy for building and maintaining the architectural runway.
03/2016 - 05/2019, Software Engineer Full Stack - Innovation, Spread Tecnology, Sao Paulo, Brazil

A innovation area created to deliver innovations (SAAS products) using integrations and open source approach with machine learning and IA to build solutions, collaborated doing:

  • Leading multidisciplinary teams building softwares end-to-end.
  • Full stack development with tests automated (TDD) using HTML 5, Javascript, nodejs, CSS3, ReactJS, React-Native, mongoDB, redis, and cloud serverless functions.
  • Building many micro services and jobs with testable, security, scalable and reliable, APIs RESTful using nodeJS and express full documented with oAuth authentication.
03/2010 - 03/2012, Software Architect, Spread Tecnology, Sao Paulo, Brazil

A Outsourcing company with more than 2000 employees, the customer was a big finance company about private pension plans, integrating the team doing:

  • Building softwares architectures distributed with jobs executions and hard optimisations with multi-threading scenarios using c#.
  • Building RESTful APIs and front-ends web using HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Defining software build strategies and applying agile practices and tests automated (TDD).
02/2001 - 03/2010, Senior Analyst Developer, MJDS, Sao Paulo, Brazil

A small company that needed to create more than 10 financial software for private pension management from scratch to Big Companies in many sectors like Health, Telecom, Food, Aviation and International consulting, I integrating the team doing:

  • Develop software as Full Stack using c# and ASP.NET.
  • Business analysis and concept improvements of products.
  • Building many tools to work more faster and better verifying code quality and applying Code Clean practices.


01/2009 - 12/2011, Management Processes, Metodista University, Maua, Brazil

Multidisciplinary field of study that uses knowledge of the human and exact areas to deal with matters related to the administration and management of companies and businesses.


Software Life Cycle

Ideation and design thinking, MVP, estimates, plan, develop, test, deploy, maintenance, project management and innovation using technologies or startups.

Enterprise Architect

Create and execute strategies of business, application, information and technology focusing on the customer at the center and strategic themes to delivery results using principles of TOGAF and LEAN Architecture with agile methods and techniques.

Architectures and Principles

DDD, Event Driven, CQRS, Microservices, Micro front-ends, SOA, SPA, APPs, SOLID, MVC, MVVM and MVP.

Machine Learning

Natural Language process and generation, text and final classifiers.

Programming languages

Javascript ECMA6+, NodeJS, python, C# (.net) .

Web Technologies

ReactJs, React Native, Redux, Sagas, Jest, Mocha, Gulp, RestFULL, WebSockets, HTML5, CSS3, SPA and git.

Software Process/Quality

Agile Practices, XP, Scrum, (BDD) Behavior Driven Development and (TDD) Test Driven Development .

Data Management

MongoDB, Redis, postgres, Neo4J, SQL Server, Oracle.

DevOps / Cloud

AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, Kubernetes and docker with linux.


Exploring places with my family and friends
Capturing moments
Swim at the sea
Study the human been
Walk in the nature
Meditation and Healing Health techiniques


Strategic thinking
Social skills
Ability to learn from mistakes


06/2015, Microsoft Certified Professional Windows Azure, Microsoft
07/2015, Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering, International Requirements Engineering Board


Business Studies - 30%
Technology Studies - 60%
Teams and Behavior Studies - 10%
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