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Retail Experience Analyst at Warby Parker Resume Sample (Version di testo)

Sandy McLarker

Address: 99 McGill St., KR99 11, Toronto, Canada
Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-9999


I am an undergraduate Dean's List Scholar at the University of Toronto, with an interest in careers in law and legal philosophy. My scholarly projects have centered on contemporary analytic philosophy, feminist and queer-theory literary analysis, and secularism as a legal construct. I am hardworking, friendly, and reliable; with a passion for teaching.

Recent Work History

05/2017 - present, Retail Experience Score Analyst for Queen St. W., Warby Parker, Toronto, Canada
  • Used Net Promoter Survey (NPS) data gathered from Warby Parker's Queen St. W. location to generate a weekly report outlining statistical trends and highlights
  • Created, developed, and executed strategies designed to improve monthly, and quarterly store performance
  • Communicated with analysts at other retail locations to create company-wide best practices
  • Presented at quarterly meetings on how to improve retail experience
11/2016 - 04/2017, Interim Visuals Leader, Warby Parker, Toronto, Canada
  • Responsible for maintaining displays and merchandise, and leading any changes in store appearance
  • Liaised with headquarters to plan and implement visual directives
  • Put in charge of organising and leading team members during merchandising flips
07/2016 - present, Sales Associate, Warby Parker, Toronto, Canada
  • Ranked as a 'highly successful' employee during yearly performance review
  • Helped open the first Warby Parker store in Canada
  • Worked in a fast-paced, dynamic, and technologically innovative retail environment
  • Learned and communicated technical information about glasses and vision to customers with little specialized knowledge
  • Put in charge of training new staff members
09/2015 - 04/2016, Tutor, Self-employed, Toronto, Canada
  • Tutored peers in University of Toronto classes, including: ECO105 (Introduction to Economic Theory), PHL100 (Introduction to Philosophy, SOC101 (Introduction to Sociology), and PHL275 (Introduction to Ethics)
  • Tutored peers in LSAT prep, with the aim of helping them score above a 165
  • Designed preparation and revision assignments as study aids
  • Was successful due to reputation for being patient, clear, and thorough
08/2015 - 07/2016, Sales Associate, The Tea Emporium, Toronto, Canada
  • Sold and helped prepare over 140 different teas
  • Helped train and supervise new staff
  • Given responsibility for entire store, including tracking sales and restocking merchandise
  • Earned commendations, including representing the Tea Emporium at 2016 Restaurant Show exhibition


09/2014 - present, Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  • Major in Philosophy, Major in Ethics, Society and Law, and Minor in English
  • Dean's List student during first, second, and third years
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.97
09/2010 - 06/2014, International Baccalaureate Degree, Port Moody Secondary School, Toronto, Canada

Extra-Curricular Experience

02/2016 - present, Staff Writer, The Varsity, Toronto, Canada
  • Achieved ‘staff’ status by interviewing sources, researching leads, and writing stories for the newspaper
  • Focused on data-driven journalism through stories on annual Deferred Maintenance and Campus Police Reports
09/2015 - 04/2016, Student Mentor, Ideas for the World at Victoria College, Toronto, Canada
  • Spent three hours a week mentoring members of the community who lack access to formal education in Canada
  • Read and discussed academic and fictional works with a focus on making them accessible
05/2017 - present, Editor-in-Chief 2017-2018, Noesis Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, Toronto, Canada
  • Will organise, edit, and publish the 2017-2018 edition of University of Toronto's undergraduate philosophy journal
04/2017 - present, Host and Producer, From X to Z (Upcoming Podcast)
  • Working on a bi-weekly podcast that will be launching later this summer, which will discuss social and cultural changes between generations


2017, The Walter Theodore Brown Scholarship, Victoria University
2017, The John MacDonald Scholarship in Philosophy, University of Toronto Philosophy Department
2016, The Richard Jeffrey Maybee Memorial Scholarship, Victoria University
2015, The Max Weber Award, University of Toronto Sociology Deparment
2014, President's Entrance Scholarship, University of Toronto
2014, Richard Elson Memorial Award for English, City of Port Moody


Name Surname, The Tea Emporium, annonymized number, annonymized mail


Prof. Name Surname, University of Toronto, annonymized number, annonymized mail

Visiting Professor at the Larkin Centre for Ethics, in the University of Toronto

Overview della Posizione:

Retail Experience Analyst

These professionals usually spend most of their time on improving the overall store performance and increasing the quality of customer service and satisfaction with provided services. They often participate in a wide range of store functions and collaborate with colleagues from other departments to make the customer experience memorable and as good as possible. They also play a key role in collecting and analyzing valuable data from customers which then can be transformed into new sales programs and business activities.

Descrizione della Compagnia:
Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a famous online retailer from the USA which specializes in the designer eyewear industry. Through an innovative approach, circumventing traditional distribution channels, and working with customers directly, they were able to build a successful business which operates internationally and serves thousands of customers, who are looking for a stylish pair of glasses, every day.

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Espositore Direttore di Vendita Assistente di Marketing Immobiliare Gestore di Contenuti Addetto allo Stoccaggio Cassiere Manager Pubblicitario Relazioni Pubbliche Coordinatore di Eventi Responsabile-delle-Vendite Account Executive

How to write your own Retail Experience Analyst resume?

1. Describe your accomplishments

Don't be afraid to let your potential employer know about your greatest achievements. What were your biggest wins in your most recent role? What are you proud of? Include as many of these to work experience section of your resume as possible. Instead of briefly explaining all your work duties and responsibilities, focus on specific improvements which you brought to the last team or company and accomplishments which you have made along the way. They will help you and your resume to stand out and will make it look much more appealing and interesting.

Retail Experience Analyst Accomplishments Example

  • "Created, developed, and executed strategies designed to improve monthly, and quarterly store performance."

  • "Implemented a new sales program which led to a significant 15% increase in customer satisfaction."

  • "Ranked as a 'highly successful' employee during a yearly performance review."

2. Always use reverse-chronological order

This tip may sound a little pointless but it's actually very important. Many people write key sections of their resumes, such as education and work experience chronologically - i. e. from the earliest job to the most current one. What's even worse, some people mix the orders up and use one order for education and the other for work experience and, for example, certifications. Remember, only use reverse-chronological order in resume - start from the most recent and work your way back. It will make your resume look more professional and elegant. The work experience section of this resume provides a great example of how to do it.

Retail Experience Analyst Work Experience Example

  • Retail Experience Score Analyst / Warby Parker, Toronto, Canada (05/2017 – present)

  • Interim Visuals Leader / Warby Parker, Toronto, Canada (11/2016 – 04/2017)

  • Sales Associate / Warby Parker, Toronto, Canada (07/2016 – present)

  • Tutor / Self-employed, Toronto, Canada (09/2015 – 04/2016)

  • Sales Associate / The Tea Emporium, Toronto, Canada (08/2015 – 07/2016)

3. Adjust your resume to the job description

This tip could be easily considered as one of the most important things which you should focus on while building your perfect resume. Even if you do nothing else, browse the Internet, learn as much about the position and the job as you can and write your resume accordingly. You can do this by identifying and including proper keywords. These specific words and phrases are one of the things which the Recruiting Managers are looking for in your resume. In this case, those words are "store performance", "statistical trends and highlights", and many others.

Retail Experience Analyst Keywords Example

  • "Used Net Promoter Survey (NPS) data gathered from Warby Parker's Queen St. W. location to generate a weekly report outlining statistical trends and highlights."

  • "Presented at quarterly meetings on how to improve the retail experience."

  • "Communicated with analysts at other retail locations to create company-wide best practices."


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