Times have changed, jobs have changed and appropriate dress code for interviews have changed as well. An era of suits and other formal clothes is gone. So how should you dress to impress your future boss?

Somebody once said: ”Don’t judge a book for its cover”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply in terms of looking for a job. In some cases, there are hundreds of people applying for one job. It means, that even smallest preference can make you the lucky one.

In the past, everybody was trying to look beautiful. Men were dressing suits all the time and women could spent several hours making their hair, even for the most casual event. These times are long gone and our society became much more laid back.

Of Course, in some segments it’s still required to dress very formally. But other don’t mind dressing shorts and flip flops. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should dress too casual for an interview either.

Your clothes are a huge part of a first impression. If you dress nicely, it makes you feel confident. People naturally make statements about you, even before they’ve talked to you. Show your personality, but try not to be too boring or too daring.

There is not really an excuse for not dressing appropriately for an interview. The most common mistakes are too short skirt, too much cleavage or makeup. This judging by looks may not be fair, but it is the reality. The most important thing is to fit in and both look and feel confident.