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Personal Creative Assistant Cover Letter Sample (Versión de texto)

Fallon Williams

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Brook, Richmond, VA, 23220
Boss Babe Photography
Los Angeles, CA
Application for the position of Creative and Upbeat Project Manager and Personal Assistant.


My name is Fallon Williams and I am applying for the position of Creative and Upbeat Project Manager and Personal Assistant. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia in May of 2010. I was the sole Police Photographer for the entire Chesapeake Police Department in Chesapeake, Virginia for seven years. I have experience in portraiture, product photography, photojournalism, forensic photography, photo retouching and editing, digital asset management and photo archiving.

My job had a variety of facets with an emphasis in forensics and public relations marketing. I photographed in a professional photo studio that I managed, as well as on location. I was responsible for designing, creating, copywriting recruitment posters and advertisements for both print and social media accounts. I am a creative and upbeat person who always has a positive attitude and sees the silver lining in every situation. I'm very independent, self sufficient, detail oriented and incredibly organized with a strong work ethic. I'm accommodated to working in a high pace environment with tight deadlines who can respond quickly to spontaneous changes. I think this would be an amazing job opportunity and would be honored to be considered for the position. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my application and I look forward to hearing from you!


-- Fallon Williams 

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