Dermatologist Resume Example

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Dermatologist Resume Example (Versión de texto)

Jacques Guyon

Adresa: 111 Cherry St Seattle, WA 98104-2205, Seattle, United States
Národnosť: Canadian
Dátum narodenia: 1979-09-11
Telefón: +1 938 789 555


Sensitive and patient Dermatologist with over 15 years of experience diagnosing and treating a variety of nail, hair and skin conditions. Expertise in improving skin health through development of corrective methods and procedures, such as liposuction surgery and laser rejuvenation, as well as other non-invasive procedures like botox injection, Juvederm, and chemical peels.


05/2010 - present, Dermatologist, Dermatology Medical Center, Seattle, WA

Over the past three years, I served as Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the Dermatology Medical Foundation Advanced Dermatology and Laser Center. One of the two physicians affiliated with the Sutter North Medical Group who were awarded the Dermatology Medical Network’s Patient Choice Award.

Main responsibilities:

  • Diagnosed numerous types of skin problems, including melanoma, blue nevi, psoriasis, congenital nevi, and numerous other skin problems.
  • Obtained consent forms from patients and made patients feel more comfortable with providing sensitive information for the diagnosis.
  • Examined specimens under microscope and conducted various chemical and biological analyses.
  • Prescribed and administered medications, and applied superficial radiotherapy and other localized treatments.
  • Inputed clinical notes, demographics, and insurance information into computer system utilizing CareCloud EHR software.
03/2005 - 02/2010, Registered Dental Assistant, Northweat Dermatology Clinic, Bellevue, WA

Performed over a hundred of successful surgeries on patients with skin cancer, using curettage and electrocautery, Mohs surgery, cryosurgery, local excision, and skin grafting.

Main responsibilities:

  • Specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of cancerous and precancerous lesions of the skin.
  • Operated on 3rd degree burn patients (skin grafting).
  • Performed a variety of treatments, and referred patients to the proper medical authority when something was beyond my means to treat.
  • Examined skin to determine the nature of a disease, took blood samples and smeared from affected areas, and performed other laboratory procedures.


09/1994 - 1996, Master of Science in Dermapathology, Seattle University, Seattle, WA
09/1991 - 06/1994, Bachelor of Science in Dermatology, University School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


Innovation in Dermatological Procedures
Excellent Communicator
Detail Oriented
Customer Service and Consultation Skills


Botox, Chemical Peelings
Removal of Tattoos & Moles
Surgery of Mohs, Cryosurgery, Local Excision, & Skin Grafting.


Getting lost in a good book
Capturing moments
Exploring tropical lands
Passionate cyclist
Walking dogs from shelters
Volunteering activities

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