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  • Carbon Trust
Position Overview:

Research Intern

Research Interns are individuals who seek to gain practical experience in a “real workplace” by performing routine research tasks. They help more senior members of staff with researching different topics and trends, manage the information that is to be analyzed, and draft documents required by supervisors. Any good job application for the position of Research Intern point our skills like research abilities, capability to follow instructions, attention to detail, and time management. Usually, the hourly pay for a Research Intern, if they do indeed have a paid internship, is around $15.50.

Company Overview:
Carbon Trust

The Carbon trust is an organization formed in 2003 in response to the UK’s aspiration to reduce carbon emissions by 60% and create a low carbon economy by 2050. It works with UK businesses and the public sector to cut those emissions and adopt low carbon solutions. Furthermore, it educates the public about the impact of climate change, provides information and consulting on saving energy and carbon management, and promotes investment into energy-saving technologies. Workers are devoted and highly motivated to do their jobs well, which spills over across all staff. It can be a little bit too demanding for professionals in lower positions to work here, but we think you always have that collective motivation pushing you forward.

How to write your own Research Intern resume?

1. Explain why you seek to gain practical experience

Interns are usually young people, meaning they are in the process of getting their degree and still receive financial support from their parents. Therefore, it is pretty important to explain why you want to work even if you do not have to be in a relatively comfortable spot anyways.

In your resume, be sure to explain your motivations for applying to work while enrolled in school. It can be everything from wanting to deepen your understanding of the subjects you study to wanting to know what it feels like to work in a proper work environment. Just be sure to explain it.

Research Intern Resume Objective Example

  • "I’m a second-year metallurgy and material science major at the National Institute Of Foundry And Forge Technology (NIFFT), Ranchi. During my coursework, I’ve developed a passion for material science engineering and I’m intrigued by its research prospects. I’m extremely interested in pursuing independent research and a good internship would consolidate my future career choice. I’m personally interested in the applications of High-temperature structural materials for aerospace and other applications."

2. Showcase any activities done outside school

As with any job, the person hiring you would want to have something that shows them you can actually do it well. Even with internships. 

If you ever held some sort of position before, either in some part-time job or summer job, even volunteering activity, be sure to include that in your resume. It will signal the reader that you already know what it is like to follow instructions, keep deadlines, and work in a team. Recruiters will undoubtedly have more faith in hiring you if you do this correctly, furthering your chances of getting that practical experience which you seek.

Research Intern Experience Example

Volunteer / KARTAYA, Ranchi, India (08/2016 – present)

  • Kartaya is an educational NGO run by undergraduates of NIFFT. It provides support to the underprivileged children who do not have access to educational resources. It also arranges for sponsorship for such children for admission into schools that cover their school and related expenses. It has two study centers at Hatia and Tupudana and planning to extend its exercise.

3. Include noteworthy results, achievements, and successes

Now, there are really many students who want to do something extra to gain experience and valuable fillers for the CVs, which they will use once they are out of school. Hence, there is a lot of competition for internships and that means you should pull out all stops to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

Pointing out any successes, achievements, or even results from your part-time jobs or volunteering work can really convey your uniqueness to recruiters. You want to be the young person who is credible and has that little extra thing which makes them more valuable to anyone looking for interns.

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