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Position Overview:

Marketing Intern

The duration of internship is usually 6-12 months. As a marketing intern, you will assist the marketing manager with daily marketing tasks. You will work on various marketing projects, prepare promotional materials, and monitor social media platforms. Your job duties may include preparing online or print marketing campaigns and measurement of the results. If you want to get a marketing management internship, you should be a student of Marketing, Communication, Business, or Advertising. Besides that, you should have excellent multitasking and organizational skills. Moreover, you should be a good communicator and have a good knowledge of marketing techniques.

Company Overview:

Philips is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, currently focused on health technology. Working at such internationally famed company with 80,000+ employees is a unique opportunity for any student and surely would look good on your resume. Interns rated Philips with 4.8 stars out of 5 on Glassdoor. In fact, 99% of them would recommend the company to their friends. They offer competitive salary, you can work on interesting projects and attend great social events. However, working for a big company has its downsides too. Your job duties may change frequently due to employee turnover and it may be difficult to meet with the upper management. On the other hand, if you’ll do good during your internship, you can secure yourself a full time job right after studies.

How to write your own Marketing Intern resume?

1. Introduce yourself well

You’re trying to catch the attention of hiring managers from the get-go. A resume summary or a resume objective are a great fit for that. Even as a student or a fresh graduate, you already have at least some skills and experience that you can highlight.

Try to show your best in a few sentences or bullet points. You can mention your field of study, degree, or GPA. Then, look for anything that relates to the job you’re targeting. The resume above does just that. Notice how the candidate points out his communication and language skills and also mentions his field of study which is usually required for marketing positions. Although, we would recommend to shorten it a bit:

Marketing Intern Resume Summary Example

  • "Communicative, determined, and creative. Determination is key in my eyes, not giving up before achieving whatever you set your mind on. Communication with others is one of my favorite things to do, always eager to learn from others and help others out wherever possible. My major in International Business and Languages helps me further develop creative thought processes and improve my communication skills to be able to apply this expertise in the real business world. Having found my passion in this field, I wish to pursue this line of work in my future career."

2. Education is your main strength

As a student or a fresh graduate, you naturally don’t have that much work experience. That’s why your education is most important. You should place it at the top of your resume, just below your profile section.

Also, don’t be afraid to go into more detail. Mention any relevant coursework, projects, extracurricular activities, academic awards, scholarships, or your final thesis (if it’s related to the job you’re targeting). Get inspired by the resume above:

Marketing Intern Resume Education Example

International Business and Languages

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (09/2014 - present)

  • "Bachelor in business with an international focus. Courses, including international marketing, finance and negotiations, mainly focus on how to do (international) business and communication. As part of this study, a customer satisfaction research project was conducted for CowSignals Training Company. Furthermore, an export plan was created for Ubbink International."

3. Hobbies express your personality

Show that you’re a real person, not just a piece of paper! Well, of course, every recruiter probably knows that. But that piece of paper should reflect your personality. And that’s the main aim of listing hobbies on your resume. Based on them, your future employer can decide whether you’re a good fit for their team or a company's culture. 

However, you should avoid listing generic hobbies. Liking music doesn’t really set you apart from others. Try to be as specific as possible. Just like the resume above:

Marketing Intern Resume Hobbies Example

  • "Getting to know new people, Watching films and documentaries, Driving and fixing up cars and scooters"

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