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Position Overview:

Office Assistant

Being an Office Assistant means performing administrative and routine clerical tasks. This may include organizing and managing files, handling the reception, scheduling meetings, booking rooms, and generally supporting other staff with logistics. Concerning formal requirements, these workers usually possess at least a high school diploma. Sometimes, an associate degree may be required. As for other skills, it is expected that they have advanced computer skills, along with exceptional management and organizational abilities. This gets more crucial the more people they have to support. They should also have patience and a calm demeanor. After all, it can become a bit irritating to have to do such routine work.

How to write your own Office Assistant resume?

1. Explain that you really want to do this job

Being an assistant can become quite irritating. People who hire assistants, however, do so for a reason - smooth running of a company. Assistants who aren’t motivated enough to carry out even routine tasks will not do too well in aiding that goal.

The seemingly boring responsibilities of assistant workers are many times the thing which keeps a firm working the way it should. Answering phone calls with a nice demeanor, smiling at people entering the lobby are all something which may give the employer’s customers or clients a good impression of the company. It is hard to do those things without being motivated, and managers know that. Hence, the assistants who are hired are the ones which convince readers they are motivated enough to do a good job despite the “unexciting” character of this work. Explaining why you want to do the job will, therefore, catch their eye!

Office Assistant Resume Summary Example

  • "Committed administrator with soon to be completed office education, looking for an exciting office position. Strengths in languages and numerical work, enjoy analysis and communication. Creative, reliable and have a passion for helping others. My education is completed towards the middle of February 2019."

2. Point to the skills that are expected, as well as the ones that may not be

Assistants should have a toolkit that is expected pretty much by anyone hiring one. This is usually sufficient enough for them to be able to carry out all of the usual parts of the job. Still, there can arise a situation in which the basic “assistant skills” may not completely be enough, and employers know that.

That is why they will undoubtedly look for resumes which contain more than just the average toolkit of an assistant worker. Most managers and bosses expect an assistant to whom they can turn with anything, should the need arise. Yes, this is a rather unrealistic worldview, but when applying for this job, it helps your prospect if you try to play into it just a little bit. Anyone with a broader set of skills can help out with a bit more, and that is what recruiters want with assistants.

Office Assistant Skills Example

  • "Written Communication - Excellent"

  • "Microsoft Word - Excellent"

  • "Report writing - Excellent"

  • "Service - Excellent"

3. Keep it clear and brief

The gist of an assistant’s resume is conveying more than the average applicant in fewer words. Once again, quite an unrealistic demand, but it is being able to at least close to those demands that makes anyone a great office worker.

Try to keep your resume clean, without too much unnecessary, complicated description. You do not have to tell a story about your career and talk elaborately about situations in which your assistance was paramount for success. You are already doing that by pointing to your broader toolkit. The way you write and construct your message is also a way with which you can attract readers. Playing to their need for a “no BS”, “ready for work” assistant will only help your chances of getting the job.

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