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  • Hired by
  • AKKA Technologies
Position Overview:

Mobile Developer

Mobile Developers know how to create software and user experiences tailored to their employer’s or client’s needs. They have to know all parts of this process by heart – coding, testing, debugging, documenting – and potentially even know how to apply it across multiple platforms. This also tends to vary based on experience. Among the background knowledge and skills that Mobile Developers are expected to have are also backend web services knowledge, creativity and brainstorming, organization skills and multitasking, problem-solving skills, and willingness to learn. As the very base part of the booming technology industry, Mobile Developers are paid quite well – on average around $120k annually in the US.

Company Overview:
AKKA Technologies

The French company AKKA Technologies focuses on research and development. The group specializes on providing consultation on projects that involve design, testing, and mass production of industrial products and technologies. A third of the company is structured to represent its expertise in mechanical engineering. Airplane hydraulics systems are actually AKKA Technologies’ largest customer segment. With over 40 offices across Europe and expertise, the firm is said to provide good opportunities for young engineering graduates. Because of how the company is highly specialized, it can be hard for workers to move up the ladder though, so if you are ambitious you will have to work.

How to write your own Mobile Developer resume?

1. Have a place where you can show off

Mobile Developers differ in the extent of what programs, operating systems, and programming languages they can use effectively. To a large degree, the amount of this kind of expertise determines their value to the company, meaning salary, but also whether they can be useful in future projects.

By writing down a list of all the aspects of the job that you know, you can show recruiters what your potential worth to the company would be. The longer the list, the better, as you can be part of more attempts of the company to expand or introduce new products.

Mobile Developer Skills Example

  • "Solid knowledge of the System Infrastructure and the Network devices of an Enterprise (proxy.firewall-ACL-, router, domains, ISO/OSI model and various protocols DHCP/DNS…)."

  • "Good knowledge of the Virtualization software as HyperV e VMware."

  • "Usage of the main server roles, Active Directory, SCCM console, and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator."

2. Prove you had to use the skills you say that you have

Now, anyone can write down a list of what they deem “looks good” on a resume, including computer skills. That is why you should prove that your list is indeed applicable to your experience.

Make sure that in the part where you list your previous work experience, you provide readers with descriptions of projects or duties, that required you to make use of some of the skills and abilities you outline. This way they will know that you were not just putting things down to seem like a good applicant, but actually know how to approach responsibilities by utilizing them. It shows that you actually know what you say you know.

Mobile Developer Work Experience Example

Junior System Administrator, 4ward S.o.A., Milan, Italy (08/2017 – present)

  • "Creation of VM, Server roles configuration"

  • "Administration of Active Directory, SCCM, and FS access"

  • "Troubleshooting"

3. Point out or add something that is not traditional

Regardless of the profession you want to get, it is good to have some kind of counterbalance to all the professional aspects of your resume. That is especially the case for technical job positions such as this one.

Very few Mobile Developers applicants would think it important to include something like “soft skills”, social skills or personal traits on their resume. They may have been right in the past, but as more companies from different sectors rely on technology, it is crucial that their IT departments are truly integrated in the firm’s operations. This includes being able to communicate and work across different teams flawlessly. Although unorthodox, adding a personal aspect to the resume can go a long way.

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