Finance Intern Resume Example

Find inspiration for your own finance resume with this Finance Intern resume sample. It was the ticket to success for a finance enthusiast who landed a job at Charleston International Airport, and now you can take advantage of their success story. This free resume sample is available for you to copy and paste, or customize it to fit your unique background and experience using our intuitive resume builder.

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  • Charleston international airport
Position Overview:

Finance Intern

Finance interns gain valuable hands-on experience in the finance industry. They work alongside professionals in the field to learn about financial analysis, forecasting, and reporting. Their day-to-day tasks include assisting with financial data entry, analyzing financial reports, and collaborating with team members on various finance projects. They can develop their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the finance industry while building their professional network. With the right mindset and work ethic, finance internship can be a stepping stone to a successful career in the field.

How to write your own Financial Intern resume?

1. Explain why you want this internship

As people who do not really have to work yet due to the fact they are usually still in school and receive support from their family members, it is pretty important for recruiters to know why applicants want to pursue an internship and won’t just settle for a more comfortable alternative a couple of weeks into the job. 

Demonstrate and explain why you are motivated enough to actually apply and then follow through in the case that you get the position. This can be done with a simple section that outlines your long-term career goals and shows how an internship may help you reach them or a profile section that outlines your passion for the subject that you study.

Financial Intern Resume Objective Example

  • "To combine analytical, practical, and innovative thinking to create value in communities. To strategically attempt to connect individuals and effectively reach audiences. To join a team dedicated to quality and communication, one for which my skills and knowledge can be a major asset."

2. Show how you are a relevant candidate

Internships are usually aimed at making interns focus on some specific sub-section of work or a specific industry. Therefore, recruiters will look for at least something which makes applicants “suitable” for working in the respective area. That can be anything from previous work experience to volunteering activity.

If you have done any of those in the past, including part-time jobs or summer jobs, be sure to write about them in your resume. Of course, try to pick the ones which are most relevant to the internship you want to do. In case you want to be a Financial Intern, anything that relates points to a background in business, accounting, finance, or economics will help.

Financial Intern Resume Education Section Example

Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance / Charleston Southern University (08/2014 – 05/2018)

  • "GPA: 3.96 out of 4.0"

  • "CSU Honors Program"

  • "Member of Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society"

3. Differentiate yourself from the rest

There is more demand for internships in the current, incredibly competitive job market. You see, students want to gain as much work experience before they are done with their degree. That means you should really highlight everything that could potentially put you above the big crowd applying for internships with you. Any awards you received, successes you contributed to, or notable results of your work should have a separate space in your resume so that no one can run their eyes over it without taking it in. Show that you can really make a valuable addition to any company despite being “just an intern”!

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