Communications Intern Resume Example

Learn practical tricks for your resume by imitating this Communications Intern resume example. This particular resume helped a real job seeker get a job at Boys and Girls Club of Western PA. That job seeker allowed us to share their resume with our readers. Download this resume sample at no cost or rewrite it directly in Kickresume's proven and tested resume maker.

  • Hired by
  • Boys and Girls Club of Western PA
Position Overview:

Communications Intern

Predominantly, Communications Interns are younger individuals attempting to gain relevant experience to build a future career in a respective field. They are responsible for the provision of support to co-workers and potentially bringing fresh ideas to the table when it comes to communication with their firm’s audiences. Routine tasks include maintenance and monitoring their firm’s media presence and periodical data input and being involved with the management of company social media profiles. Staying on top of current events and industry trends tends to help with almost all areas of the job. Communication and organizational skills, as well as creativity, are all desired personal traits of every Communications Intern.

Company Overview:
Boys and Girls Club of Western PA

BCGA is a US organization of ‘national chapters’ that provides voluntary after-school activities and programs for young people. They serve over 4.7 million youth in over 4,000 facilities throughout America and military installations worldwide. Clubs are led by trained, paid youth development professionals. The organization provides assistance to clubs through marketing and communications, fundraising efforts, government relations, and youth development programs. Anyone who wants to positively form the lives of the next generation of Americans will find that this organization is exquisite for them! Though due to the sheer size of the organization, they could encounter a few hiccups in management and training.

How to write your own Communications Intern resume?

1. Find a way to make yourself noticed 

Since interns are usually people who have all recently finished schools, it is likely that the crowd with which you will be applying for the position come ‘from the same mold’, as they say. 

It would be beneficial for you to have something that could make you stand out (in a positive way, of course). If you had gone to an especially prestigious educational institution, had gotten awards or achieved noteworthy achievements either during your studies or in your early career, be sure to include it in your resume. You could dedicate it an entirely separate space or include it within your education or work experience sections.

Communications Intern Resume Awards Example

  • "Goett Endowed Scholarship / Duquesne University (07/2019)"

  • "Irma A. Jones Endowed Student Resource Award / Duquesne University (01/2019)"

2. Outline some kind of background in the field

This is really a given with any kind of resume, but it is something that can help significantly if you are applying to be an intern. Young people who have already managed to have some sort of workplace experience are thought of as extremely motivated and somewhat used to professional life.

If you can, make sure that you list what exactly you did in a position that at least resembles a proper work environment. It will definitely show recruiters that you will not have to overcome a steep learning curve during your first couple of days working. It really sets yourself and them for a win-win situation, should they hire you.

Communications Intern Resume Work Experience Example

Outreach Intern / Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (08/2018 – 05/2019)

  • "Drafted and published weekly “e-blasts” for Rail-Volution! transit conference & PCRG’s Annual Community Development Summit."

  • "Recruited and managed 100+ volunteers for Rail-Vollution! Conference as part of a 6-person team."

3. Describe what you do outside of work that could be relevant for the job

Areas like communication require people to be in touch with the ongoing trends around them, in society, so that they are able to engage with people of all walks of life. Those skills are not, however, only practiced in the workplace. The best communications, marketing, and sales employees are ones who follow all of this in their spare time as well.

You could try to indicate that you do as well by giving more of a personal description of your background, not just via the professional aspect. Once again, this is something that can significantly help with becoming noticed by the people reviewing applications for the position.

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