Cover letters present a challenge to potential employees and executives who are going to start their profession or are in the mid of their professional career. Combining brevity with impact-fulness is no easy feat. Fortunately, like all things, a few tips can make all the difference in addition to your perfect resume or CV. For those looking to learn how to write a perfect cover letter, look no further. Below are 10 valuable tips to guide you through the process from starting to finish, ensuring preparation of perfect cover letter that wows potential employers.

1. Address the Cover Letter Correctly.

First, you want to address your cover letter correctly to avoid the dreaded, “To Whom It May Concern” opening. Take the extra step by finding the name of the hiring manager/recruiter. A quick Google search, finding a person who’s near to him or phone call is all you need.

2. Use a Cover Letter Template.

A cover letter template will serve as a starting point and provide a little guidance when writing. The layout of your letter must remain organized and professional.

3. Identify Keywords Before Writing.

This is on the list of 10 tips to write a perfect cover letter because it is often overlooked. Keywords are needed because they put more focus on the goal: scoring an interview and ultimately, the position. As for how to select these keywords, focus on the skills required for the job to highlight that you’re more than qualified, results-oriented keywords (initiated, updated, implemented, produced) and lastly, recognition keywords and phrases like recognized, received a bonus for, credit for, etc.

4. Make the First Sentence Epic.

Okay, maybe not epic but it must be impressive. Proactive approach is the best. Means try to answer that question which you may expect later on from your potential employer. Think of that first sentence as your sole opportunity to grab the reader’s attention. Don’t be boring by opting to restate the position you’re applying for. The hiring manager/recruiter already knows that. Instead, go with a bold, pitch-like approach. A mention of a network connection is equally effective.  This point is the most important to put your maximum focus on it, as editing wouldn’t be possible once you send it.

5. Focus Your Cover Letter on the Company.

This is your chance to distinguish yourself from other applicants while showing genuine interest in the company. Companies are looking for individuals who have something valuable to offer so focus on how you can make a difference while highlighting your best professional attributes.

6. Do Not Recap Your Resume.

Consider a cover letter as a precursor to the actual resume. Potential employers will venture past that first page, so there’s no reason to provide a quick summary. Instead, it should be a unique read with a different focus. Again, a cover letter is your opportunity to intertwine presenting yourself as an excellent candidate with what you can bring to the table for a specific company.

For example, an insurance salesperson may want to mention how their confident and authoritative communication skills and passion for selling will help the company meet the 15% sales increase mentioned in their most recent press release. Another example would apply to those seeking a position in e-commerce retail. Stating how your experience with multi-channel retail can improve the company’s current profit margin will surely make you a standout. When applying for positions, you must compose a letter for each. That is why cover letters are addressed to a specific recipient. They must be customized and designed for each position.

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7. Keep It Brief.

Three paragraphs are all you need. Hiring managers/recruiters have several applicants to consider and, therefore, only spend about 10 seconds reading cover letters. Concise yet impactful is the goal. Paragraph one serves as the introduction, paragraph two is the body, and the third is the conclusion. To be more specific, paragraph one is where you hook your reader and share why you’re interested in the position. As for the second paragraph, this is where you intertwine your passions and skills. More details can be found in tip eight along with a four-step quick guide. As for the conclusion, this is where you wrap your cover letter on a high note. Instead of the passive, “I hope to hear from you soon,” go for a strong ending like the phrases below:

  • I will call you next Wednesday to follow up on my application and arrange for an interview.
  • If offered this position, I am prepared to help Company 123 exceed its growth and expansion goals.
  • I do not doubt that both my expertise and passion for this industry will grow due to the opportunities Company 123 provides to employees.

8. Sell Your Personality.

Another on the list of 10 tips to write a perfect cover letter is highlighting your positive traits. You want to do this in the second paragraph. Give employers some insight into your character as well as a peek of your passion for the position and where you excel in the workplace. All will make you a very worthy candidate. Since few examples apply to a broad range of positions, here’s how to compose your second paragraph in four simple steps.

  1. Start with a written display of your best personality traits. The show, don’t tell. (1-2 sentences)
  2. Use the displayed traits as a segue to mention one to two industry-related passions that relate to the position you’re applying for. (1 sentence)
  3. Connect the said passions to the area(s) you excel at in the workplace. (3 sentences maximum)
  4. Touch on how that will benefit the company. It may include increased morale, boost productivity, sales, etc. (1-2 sentences)

9. Proofread.

Make sure to proofread your cover letter once or twice. Check for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors as well as flow and overall readability. Even have a friend or family member look it over. Perfect cover letters are very brief, so errors are inexcusable. A letter riddled with errors displays carelessness and no attention to detail.

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10. Send as a PDF.

You want to send your cover letter as a PDF because anyone can open a PDF without conversion whether they are on a computer or mobile device. Furthermore, it eliminates the chance that your formatting will compromise. Sending in another format can cost you the job. If a file conversion is required to read your letter, hiring managers may just move on to the next applicant. They simply do not have the time.

Final remarks.

That concludes how to write a perfect cover letter! Follow these 10 tips while writing your cover letters and you will compose letters to be proud of. Otherwise, you will be at the helm of the cover letter writing service online, who are certified in this profession, to write your cover letter. Such resume builders/CV Makers and other services are excellent choices for those writers or editors who can’t write themselves. Now is the time to land that position and make career strides you’ve only dreamed of, no matter with assistance from some certified experts who’s plenty of experience in making or building resumes. The letters take some work and a little finessing, but you will master the art soon enough.