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HubSpot Director of Business Development Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Director of Business Development

All major fields of business do hire Directors of Business Development. Be it the entertainment industry or manufacturing, these experienced professionals are crucial for a company or factory to adapt to external circumstances and the latest business trends. Their primary responsibility is to increase a firm’s revenue by identifying new opportunities and further expanding its presence on the market. Persistence, knowledge of the industry, and communication skills are all essential skills that one needs to efficiently get a company’s management on board with implementing a new business or marketing strategy, both of which may be the end result of a project that a Business Development Director has worked on.

Company Overview:

HubSpot is a company exclusively focused on helping organizations grow through modern software systems. They create and build solutions that empower businesses to engage and attract customers. The entrepreneurial nature of what this company does permeates throughout its entire structure even down to its employees. HubSpot actively runs a company culture forum – ‘HubSpot Culture Code’ – where one can learn a lot more about how things go about at the office. A strong emphasis on company culture can be a little ‘full-on’ for some individuals but if you enjoy it you will find that this is a workplace full of learning opportunities and great people!

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How to write your own Director of Business Development resume?

1. Demonstrate long-term development of knowledge and skills

Being a director means that a person is taking on more than just taking care of routine tasks. It means that they are likely going to manage a team of people and actively lead an effort to change something in the company. This requires a profound knowledge of the workplace and working with others, which recruiters look for in an application

That means you will have to provide a detailed description of your professional history on your resume, if you hope to be successful. Don’t just simply list off positions, but directly explain what your responsibilities were and how you conducted yourself at the workplace.

Director of Business Development Resume Work Experience Example

Business Development Manager / Humongous Media, Inc. (2014 - 2015)

  • "Led Development / Expansion of Strategic Partnerships, to include multiple Fortune 100 Accounts."

  • "Responsible for overall company revenue, top-level communications, and team structure."

  • "Designed Inbound Marketing, Lead Gen, PR, and Account Management initiatives."

2. Show the results of your work

Demonstrating skills and knowledge is also often about proving that you have them and that you know how to use them. Hence, it is paramount that you actually provide a list of some of the achievements you reached over the course of your career. These can be formal achievements like awards or a list of hard-to-make deals and projects which you have managed to complete. Make sure, however, that this won’t, once again, just be a list. Provide some insight into what you had to do to follow through on the project. This is bound to prove that the claims you make about yourself aren’t just empty words.

Director of Business Development Resume Achievements Example

Upgraded Early Warning Radar & Cobra Dane (CD) Ballistic Defense System (MDS) Upgrade
(4 Year Procurement)

  • "1,400,000,000 USD (Cost-Plus)"

  • "Missile Defense Agency <--> Raytheon (Defense & Space)"

  • "Overview: Drafted, disseminated, evaluated responses to Missile Defense Agency’s Upgraded Early Warning Radar UEWR and BMDS RFP."

3. Attach additional documents to stand out

Becoming Director of Business Development is many times a ‘next step’ in someone’s career. That is something crucial to realize before setting yourself up to apply for this position. It is crucial that along with qualifications and ability, you convey a vision in which you play right into the position. This kind of job does ask you for a bigger picture, so provide it.

Attach an expertly written motivational letter or cover letter in which you lay out your vision and motivation for taking on this step in your career. This will really cement your application in readers’ minds and maybe even differentiate you from the other applicants.

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