Customer Service Assistant Resume Example

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Customer Service Assistant Resume Example
Position Overview:

Customer Service Assistant

Being in a Customer Service Assistant position gives any individual opportunity to quickly rise through the ranks of the company. For example, if you are efficient as a Customer Service Assistant, you can find yourself managing a team of these assistants from a position of authority. The basic duties of a Customer Service Assistants include answering customer questions or forwarding them to relevant departments in the company, selling products, processing complaints and issuing refunds, and recording information gained from customers. To be efficient in this position and have a chance at the fast rise in the company hierarchy, one has to possess great soft skills, like small talk and other communication abilities. Customers have to have positive experiences!

Company Overview:

Apple Distribution International

A technology company with hardly any need for introduction, Apple inc. stands behind the creation of consumer devices. The iMac, iPod, and most recently, iPhone and iPad, can be seen in hands and on the desks of millions all around the world. The intuitive controls and revolutionary design of Apple products contributed to the brand becoming valuable in the world. Currently, the firm is looking to expand its product portfolio and access. With that, development teams, legal teams, and the distribution teams are now very busy and work long hours. Nonetheless, the company is very good at supporting its workers with great benefits and a newly built campus in Palo Alto, California, which was rated among the best workplaces on the planet.

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How to write your own Customer Service Assistant resume?

1. Provide readers a more personal description of yourself

This job is mostly about listening to strangers and talking to them in a polite way to address the problem with which they had approached your firm. Therefore, anyone hiring these professionals will be looking for people able to handle potentially angry, frustrated customers or customers who are not that skilled in handling and fixing the product they’ve purchased. 

Your application has to describe and picture specific aspects of your personality that imply compatibility with this nature of the profession. In your resume or even your cover letter, be sure to dedicate a couple of words or sentences to doing just that. Outline your motivations, how you behave and work around people, etc.

Customer Service Assistant Resume Profile Example

  • "I am currently employed as an iOS and Mac+ T1 Chat advisor for the German market for Apple International in Cork, Ireland. My core responsibilities consist of helping the customers via te chat channel in order to find solutions to their issues…"

2. Describe what your previous responsibilities were

Performing any job, even this one, comes with a more professional aspect. Giving recruiters accounts of your previous work experience is always a must. There are methods to make this rather routine section of your resume work to your advantage even more, especially if you aren’t able to give that personal touch we’ve mentioned already. 

Even soft skills are something that can be perfected over time. There are not as many people simply ‘born with it’. Hence, if you aren’t ordinarily a very sociable person, what can put the message across equally as much, and demonstrate your professional experience, is describing all of your previous endeavors where you had to do similarly ‘socially exposed’ work.

Customer Service Assistant Work Experience Example

iOS & Mac+ T1 German Chat Support / Apple Distribution International, Cork, Ireland (04/2017 – present)

  • "Ensure the customer service by responding phone calls as iOS T1 phone advisor."

  • "Ensure the customer service by responding chats as iOS and Mac+ T1 chat advisor – double and triple chats during peak times."

  • "Finding a timely solution for the customers."

3. Think of things that could help create a more personal job application

As someone who’ll spend a lot of time chatting with people, it is good to have something other than just their problem to talk about. It can make them feel more comfortable, make them slow down a little, and help you do your job because they will not rush in describing the issue to you, making you better prepared to take on their challenge. 

Recruiters will find it beneficial if you mention something from your personal life that you could have a conversation about with a customer. It creates a good first impression of the firm and overall better the experience for both parties. 

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