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Waiter, Host Resume Sample (Volle Textversion)

Cassandra Bear

Current address: 1 Square, 91000, Evry, France
Nationality: French
Date of birth: 1993-01-11
Email address: hello@kickresume.com
Phone number: +999999999
YouTube: kickresume.com/cv/cassy

Who am I?

I will permanently relocate to Amsterdam in approximately one month.
I am 22, and I have studied law for four years. I would like to discover another professional field without losing my ability to learn so fast and to understand and analyse a situation. The legal profession was too restrictive. I believe every thought matters, and I intend to use my intelligence, imagination and motivation every day.


in French
in English
Customer relations
Web community

Hobbies and areas of interest

Amateur photographer
Running, cross-fit and rifle shooting on a team
Wine and Cuisine

Work experience

03/2016 - present, Waitress, La Table d'Aligre, Paris, France
I am learning how to manage a restaurant and a small company, and I am improving my sales and interpersonal skills.
11/2015 - 01/2016, Welcoming hostess, City One, Paris, France
I welcomed passengers to large Parisian train stations. My team and I managed arrivals, departures and large crowds. I worked for two weeks at the COP 21, welcoming politicians and diplomats and helping them find their way. My team also managed crowd movements caused by suspicious parcels.
09/2015 - 12/2015, Waitress and Kitchen assistant, Crêperie Mad'éo!, Paris, France
I served customers in a 35-seat room. I also did the dishes and sometimes prepared desserts. This job allowed me to learn how a business works. I observed my boss meeting with suppliers and doing the books. As part of my law studies, I now lead negotiations with business contracts. I enjoyed communicating with and pleasing customers. I also served as a kind of a community manager because I posted on Facebook and Instagram. I left to obtain my driver's licence.
02/2015 - present, Writer, Read & Write, Paris, France
Wrote two books, one about my trip to Australia and a historical fiction novel set in Ancient Egypt; these books will be published by a new online publisher led by Séastien Morel.
07/2014 - 05/2015, Waitress, Una's Restaurant, Sydney, Australia
I was waitress in a very busy German restaurant (about 70 seats) in a popular area of Sydney (July–August 2014; March–May 2015).
03/2015 - 04/2015, Dishwasher/Kitchen assistant, Vogue Café, Sydney, Australia
Every Sunday for approximately two months, I did the dishes in a very busy restaurant, working eight hours without a break. I worked quickly and remained highly organised so I would not delay the team.
05/2013 - 02/2015, Team Leader, Häagen Dazs Champs Elysées, Paris, France
I managed a team of hostesses, took care of hundreds of customers waiting in line and settled arguments between them. The Champs Elysées is a very famous tourist avenue, and that shop was the largest HäagenDazs shop in the world. We received tourists from around the world, including actors, athletes and executives. My team took care of everyone while helping waiters. I took a four-month break in 2014.
01/2013 - 05/2013, Hostess, O'tess Agency, Paris, France
I worked on a TV set on a team of 5 hostesses, handling 300 people and ensuring that technicians and candidates did not need anything. I worked during important cocktail parties for the TV show’s staff and many others in French TV.
07/2012 - 08/2012, Seller, Panadería de Albelda, Albelda, Spain
I sold bread and other pastries with my aunt. I conversed with customers in Spanish and received payments from them.


09/2011 - 07/2015, Law, UPEC, Créteil, France
I have a bachelor's degree in law and a master's degree in private law (240 ECTS).
A Level Literature, Lycée Eugène Delacroix, Maisons-Alfort, France
I earned my A level with honors and a European mention in Spanish.


05/2013 - 06/2015, Student association, ACéDC, Créteil, France
Served as treasurer of the student association. I helped organize many activities on campus, trips around Europe (e.g. Prague, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Alpesd’Huez and Tenerife) and tutoring services. I was elected to the University Council.


06/2014 - 05/2015, Solicitor, Dezarnaulds Legal, Sydney, Australia
I helped Mr Dezarnaulds write letters and emails in English and French and conducted research on Australian, French and international civil, criminal and business law. With Mr Dezarnaulds, I also attended trials at court and meetings with clients. I had the opportunity to work independently on a few cases (June–September 2014; February–May 2015).
07/2013 - 08/2013, Barrister, Forget & Associés, Paris, France
I have just completed my second year of law school, and I have been accepted as an intern with Maitre Richard Forget, a lawyer. During this internships, I have observed trials in the impressive Court of Paris. I worked on a very large hacking and industrial espionage case; my responsibilities included locating conflicts and inconsistencies in the police blotter. I have also worked on business and criminal cases.
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