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Sales Specialist Cover Letter Sample (Textversion)


Aves Solutions, Inc.
Montreal, Canada
Application for the position of Sales Specialist

Dear Hiring Managers,

I am very interested in the Sales Specialist opportunity at Aves Solutions, Inc. which was posted and advertised on I am a hard-working and dedicated individual with over two years of extensive industry experience, a Business & Management degree from the McGill University, and a strong determination to meet and exceed all business goals and objectives.

As you can see from my attached resume, I worked as a Sales Specialist at FE Moran Security Solutions, Inc where I proved multiple times that I can lead any project and am able to work and function well in fast-paced business environments. To provide evidence of my achievements, I was awarded Employee of the Month for increasing sales by 25% within just one year. Besides that, some of my daily work duties included:

  • Participating and assisting in the management of all sales activities to ensure that all policies and procedures were always fully followed.
  • Monitoring sales performance and conducting professional market research to identify and evaluate potential sales growth opportunities.
  • Collecting and analyzing sales data, completing weekly reports, tables, and presentations, and presenting results to managers and executives.

I am a team player with the important ability to work and remain calm in stressful situations. On top of that, as mentioned above, I possess a Business & Management degree from the McGill University, where I was among the top 10% of students and, moreover, won the academic excellence award. Also, I am offering excellent critical thinking skills and a pro-active approach. Finally, I believe that my skills and experience make a great fit for this position and that I could be a valuable contribution to your company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Stefanie Hartleben

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