RF Test Technician Cover Letter Example

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RF Test Technician Cover Letter Example (Textversion)

Martin Lambert

London, United Kingdom
18 February 2021
Application for Test Technician

Dear Hiring Manager,

As an RF Test Technician with 3 years of experience in assessing devices for major players within wireless systems, manufacturing, and R&D, I apply with enthusiasm for this opportunity.

I am currently an RF Test Technician at global testing, certification, and inspection provider Halliwell, where I conduct rigorous product testing aligned to international wireless standards and test procedures on behalf of industrial, medical, commercial, and military clients. Per your requirements, I review test plans and specifications, conduct and meticulously document quality checks, and produce technical reports to communicate my findings. I also provide expert guidance to clients regarding standards, test procedures, and certification requirements.

This builds upon my accomplishments as an RF Engineer at WowTech, where I was involved in the nationwide design, testing, commissioning, and optimization of wireless networks for mobile operators and equipment manufacturers.

I hold a BS in Electrical Engineering, with an emphasis on RF/microwave circuits and electromagnetic theory. Alongside RF/microwave design experience up to 30 GHz, I am an SME at RF/microwave design using HFSS, CST, ADS, and AWR. I am familiar with Matlab, Python, and C++. 

Halliwell is relocating its Test Center to Michigan, so I am seeking a new role closer to home. My passion is to support sustainable, robustly user-friendly, ingenious RF solutions. That’s why I’m attracted to this exciting opportunity with your company.

Please find attached my résumé for your consideration. Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you regarding next steps.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Lambert

Martin Lambert

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