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Quality Control Project Technician CV Example (Textversion)

Julliete Benici

Address: Lovensveldstraat, Kessel-Lo, Belgium
Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 1992-04-11
Email address: hello@kickresume.com
Phone number: 999999999

Work experience

09/2016 - 08/2017, Research Intern, Master Thesis, KU Leuven, Laboratory of Food Technology, Belgium
  • Clean label ingredients
  • Emulsion stability
  • Bio-actives bioaccessibility

Thesis Title

Emulsion stabilizing capacity of broccoli and carrot sera and their influence on carotenoid bioaccessibility during in vitro digestion.


Consumers' demand for clean label products has stimulated an ongoing research for natural emulsifiers and stabilizers to maintain the physical stability of plant-based food emulsions such as soups and sauces. In this research project I investigated the ability of molecules naturally occurring in such food systems and with emulsifying/stabilizing properties (protein and pectin) to ensure the stability of oil-in-water emulsion under selected storage conditions and in-vitro digestion.

09/2014 - 12/2014, Research Intern, Bachelor Thesis, University of Milan, Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences, Italy
  • Grain seeds sprouting
  • Protein analysis
  • Bakery applications

Thesis Title

Molecular characterization of breads enriched with sprouted seeds flour.


Sprouting of grain seeds prior to milling under controlled conditions can impart interesting technological, nutritional and sensory properties to flours. In this research project, I assessed the effect of wheat and buckwheat seeds sprouting on the protein fraction of the resulting flours. Moreover, I investigated the consequences of the addition of such flours in a standard bread recipe for the structure and sensory profile of the final product.


09/2015 - 08/2017, Food Science and Technology, KU Leuven & UGent, Belgium


  • Academic Master
  • English-language
  • Focus on food processing and preservation

Practical training & workshops

  • Cereal science and technology
  • Food project management principles
  • Chemical analysis of food
  • Microbiological analysis of food
  • Food regulation

09/2011 - 04/2015, Food Service Science & Management, University of Milan, Italy


  • Professional Bachelor
  • Focus on dietetics and catering management (design, hygiene, quality, safety)

Practical training and workshops

  • Sensory analysis
  • Biochemical analysis of food
  • Community nutrition


Word, Excel, PowerPoint
JMP Statistical Software
R Project
Soft Skills
Problem solving
Planning and organisation


Fast learning
Critical thinking
Passion for food

Quality Control Project Technician

Quality Control Project Technicians normally work on testing components, materials, or finished products to make sure everything conforms to applicable laws, company standards, and even clients’ expectations. Doing this kind of work properly mandates an individual has strong attention to detail and can also accurately report the outcomes of their tests. To complete these reports, mathematical and analytical skills are also required apart from clear communication. It is also important that these professionals are able to work on a project for long periods of time at all stages of project development – before, in-process, final – since tests have to be conducted at each of them. Compensation for these commitments usually levels at about $44k annually in the US.

Beneo Food

If you want to work in an industry that is stable, food and nutrition processing is definitely and area in which to look for jobs. BENEO is part of the Südzucker Group – a leading food producer in Europe with operations in over 80 countries and 1000 employees. It focuses on creating food products and services which maintain people’s and animals’ ability to develop. Due to demographic predictions, the company is taking on the task to up their production while meeting sustainability goals. Workers are therefore exposed to a currently rapidly moving working environment, as reinvestments and company development are a daily phenomenon.

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How to write your own Quality Control Project Technician resume?

1. Showcase a technician’s credentials

It is not a necessity for someone seeking to become a Quality Control Technician to have gone through higher education. This, however, makes the technicians who did manage to go through it stand out that much more. With resume writing, trying to stand out from the crowd is generally good advice to follow. Also, add as much detail as you can to make this section seem important and relevant for the position, but don’t be too daunting!

Quality Control Project Technician Education Example

Food Science and Technology / KU Leuven & UGent, Belgium (09/2015 – 08/2017)

  • "Academic Master"

  • "English-language"

  • "Focus on food processing and preservation"

2. Point out experience that applies to what employer might have you work on

If you have an idea what exactly the firms, you are sending your job application to, have in mind when they said they are looking to fill a Quality Control Technician’s position, pick out everything from your background that could portray you as a person who specialized in precisely those areas.

Quality Control Project Technician Work Experience Example

Research Intern, Master Thesis (09/2016 – 08/2017) 

Thesis title: "Emulsion stabilizing capacity of broccoli and carrot sera and their influence on carotenoid bioaccessibility during in vitro digestion"

3. Mention any relevant office skills you have

Putting together reports and them summarizing them to clients or superiors requires Quality Control Technicians to have a basic toolkit with which they can perform these “less hand-on” tasks. Moreover, if you are looking to work in a company that operates internationally, mentioning any foreign language proficiency is only a good thing.

Quality Control Project Technician Skills Example


  • "Word, Excel, PowerPoint - Excellent"

  • "E-mail Excellent"

  • "JMP Statistical Software - Good"

  • "R Project - Sufficient"

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