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Quality Control Assistant Cover Letter Sample (Textversion)

Elvinas Juskaitis

Galveston, TX, United States
Application for the position of Quality Control Assistant

Dear Hiring Managers,

This email is in regards to my interest in applying for the Quality Control Assistant job within PIERRE & Co, LLC as promoted on LinkedIn.com. With more than three years of extensive industry experience paired with great analytical skills, I believe that I am a perfect candidate for the role. What is more, I am certain that I would execute the job and all associated tasks successfully.

To briefly introduce myself, I am a Certified Quality Engineer offering a strong attention to detail and accuracy and the ability to function well both independently and in fast-paced team environments. At BASF Corporation, Inc., I was mainly in charge of developing and implementing new quality control policies and procedures, conducting professional product tests, and working on the constant improvement of the whole production process to reduce unnecessary costs. Furthermore, I collaborated with the quality managers, maintained relevant files and records, and completed other duties as assigned. For meeting all business results and objectives, I won the Employee of the Year Award once.

Next, I am the Stevens Institute of Technology graduate with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering which serves as an excellent evidence of my field knowledge. At the university, I was also involved in multiple extracurricular activities, for instance, Physics Society and TEDx Club. Possessing the experience with all software programs required for the role, including MasterControl, InfinityQS, and Inspect2Go. Last but not least, I have attached my up-do-date resume for your further review so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions on my career history. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Kind regards,

Elvinas Juskaitis

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