Mechanical Inspector Cover Letter Example

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Mechanical Inspector Cover Letter Example (Textversion)

Lorenzo Gallo

PPO, Inc.
Helsinki, Finland
Application for the position of Mechanical Inspector

To whom it may concern,

When reviewing your posting for the Mechanical Inspector job within PPO, Inc. on, I was very pleased to discover that your needs and requirements align perfectly with what I offer as a professional. Therefore, I am excited to be submitting my application as I believe that it would be an excellent opportunity for me to further grow my career.

My name is Lorenzo Gallo and I am a detail-oriented and self-driven individual offering exceptional analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems. At KBER, Inc., where I worked as a Mechanical Inspector for more than two years, I was known for my pro-active approach and great work ethic. There, I spent most of my time conducting professional engineering safety inspections, monitoring and maintaining machines, and completing mechanical measurements and calculations. In addition, I worked on the constant improvement of existing mechanical systems, reported any technical issues, and managed relevant correspondence.

Next, I am a Certified Mechanical Inspector with a bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University. At the university, I was not only among the top 5% of students with the best academic results but I also served as a Class Representative for one year. Finally, I am skilled with all software programs described in the job ad, including SOLIDWORKS, Fusion 360, and CATIA. Possessing well-developed manual dexterity and the important technological expertise, I am confident that I would be a valuable contribution to your team and company.

Thank you for considering my application.


Lorenzo Gallo

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