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IT Developer Engineer Resume Sample (Textversion)

Samuel Brown

Location: Austin, TX
Nationality: US
Date of birth: 1985-12-01
Email address:
Phone number: (999) 999-9999


I am a developer specializing in Go, automation, the cloud, configuration management, and continuous integration. 

Work experience

2015 - present, Site Reliability Engineer, Atlassian, Austin, TX
Developed and enhanced monitoring, statistics collection, and performance measurement for HipChat 
2014 - 2015, Senior Programmer Analyst, Oracle, Austin, TX
Designed provisioning system for proprietary cloud platform with Ansible, Rundeck, and Go components
Deployed new Puppet, MCollective, and ActiveMQ infrastructure to support 20,000+ systems
2013 - 2013, Game Operations, Spacetime Games, Austin, TX
Managed AWS-based gaming environment with thousands of daily players
Designed and implemented a high-performance Logstash and Elasticsearch stack, which processed over 1600 game events per second 
2012 - 2013, Unix System Management 2, IPSoft, Austin, TX
Responsibilities included consulting on new software, addressing client concerns, and resolving escalated Unix and application issues
Planned and implemented the migration of a complex JBoss-based website from physical infrastructure to Amazon EC2 and RDS
Managed heterogeneous XenServer environment with over 250 guests and two large AWS-based websites
Designed and implemented Puppet configuration management for systems automation
2010 - 2012, Unix Administrator, Public Employees Credit Union, Austin, TX
Maintained credit union's UNIX infrastructure, which processed all financial transactions
Automated routine system administration and Symitar Episys tasks using a combination of Expect and Perl scripts 
2005 - 2010, Inflight Refueling Technician, United States Air Force, Spokane, WA




Red Hat-Certified Engineer
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Mirantis-Certified OpenStack Administrator


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Information technology industry is an incredibly diverse field in which everyone has to specialise to some extent. As an IT specialist you want to make sure your resume clearly communicates your specialisation. Our resume sample does this by explaining what problems you have experience solving and what tools did you used in solving them. Moreover, in IT almost every skill is in itself a powerful keyword, which naturally fills this resume with keywords that will make it stand out as a whole.

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