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Graphic Designer Resume Sample (Textversion)

Steve Dominguez

Address: 9999 Coachman, 9999, Corona
Date of birth: 1981-21-11
Email address:
Phone number: 999-9999-999

Work experience

04/2014 - present, Freelancer, Self Employeed

Services in the areas of:

• Video Production

• Digital Marketing

• Website Development

• Social Media Strategy

• Photography & Editing

08/2006 - 10/2017, Communications Director, New Beginnings Community Church, Norco

• Managed and lead a 4-person team in the production of marketing projects, promotional materials (video, photography, graphic design), website design, copywriting and audio/visual needs.

• Developed artwork and layout for print and digital signage, banners, posters, publications and flyers.

• Led in the video production process (Pre-production, storytelling, lighting, set-design, audio, filming, editing, color-correction, exporting).

• Serves as a creative guide for all key projects and events.

• Oversees the organization’s social media brand strategies.

• Consults and trains staff on effective use of technology, SaaS and technical equipment.

Adobe CC Skills

Adobe CC Skills
Premiere Pro
After Effects

Interpersonal Skills

Soft Skills
Problem Solving


08/2017, Content Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketer
02/2016, Storytelling For Business, Udemy
08/2015, Hootsuite Certified Professional, Hootsuite Media


08/2006 - 07/2008, Christian Studies, California Baptist University, Riverside
09/1997 - 05/1999, Liberal Studies, Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga

Strengths Finder Themes


Online Design Portfolio


Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer is a skilled creative professional who uses various software programs, for example, Photoshop, Gimp, and Canva and techniques, such as typography and motion graphics to create original digital pieces of design. Each of them usually specializes in a particular field of graphic design but, on the other hand, there are professionals who offer theoretical knowledge and practical experience in different types of this computer science discipline. Besides simply designing logos, creating visual banners, and working on web design, good Graphic Designer plays a key role in multiple company departments and participate in various activities among different corporate levels. For instance, they work on the development and implementation of advertising campaigns, produce content for social media, improve the brand identity, and help organizations to communicate with their customers and clients more effectively.

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How to write your own Graphic Designer resume?

1. Mention all relevant software skills

It's not surprising that for a Graphic Designer, computer programs he/she is able to use at a proficient level and technical skills he/she offers belong to the most important things. these professionals want their potential employer to know about. Therefore, while building your resume mention all software programs you know how to use and at what level you can use them. Put this section right behind the work experience part. You should also consider including other skills to your resume, such as languages and relevant interpersonal skills.

Graphic Designer Computer Skills Example

  • Premiere Pro - Proficient

  • Photoshop - Intermediate

  • InDesign - Intermediate

  • After Effects - Intermediate

  • Illustrator - Intermediate

2.  Create a profile summary or work objective

One thing which we would change on the resume above is including a profile summary to the very top of it, right behind the personal information. A resume profile usually contains 2-3 longer sentences which summarise the whole resume and show to the Hiring Managers what job are you looking for. More importantly, this section gives you a great opportunity to adjust it to the specific position and job opportunity you are applying for since this section is usually the first thing your potential employer will look at in your resume. Therefore, spend some time on it to make it as perfect and as interesting as possible.

Graphic Designer Profile Section Example

  • "Certified, creative, and detail-oriented graphic design professional skilled at developing different web pages from start to finish, generating new, original graphic content, and providing expertise and guidance to clients on any web design-related tasks. Effective team player with strong time management skills and ability to complete projects within budget and in a timely manner."

3.  Include a link to your online design portfolio

Nothing will show to your potential employer your qualities and abilities better than the best pieces of your work. That's the main reason why many graphic professionals have their personal websites which serve as a "gallery" of their best pieces of design. Therefore, put all your work together, upload it to the Internet, and include a link to this website to the very bottom of your resume. Do not underestimate this part as it could be the main reason whether you will or will not get your dream job.

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