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Construction Worker Cover Letter Example (Textversion)

Mark Skov

Smith & Co., Inc.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Application for the position of Construction Worker

Dear Recruiters,

I was pleased to find your job ad for the Construction Worker position at Smith & Co., Inc. which was posted and advertised on I would like to submit my application as I believe that this role would be a great opportunity for me to apply my expertise, further develop my industry knowledge, and grow both personally and professionally.

As a quick introduction, I possess the Construction Management Certification from the Construction Management Association of Denmark and am therefore confident in my industry and field knowledge. I am a results-oriented and motivated hard-worker with excellent manual dexterity and a well-developed ability to work and perform well in a team setting and under pressure. In addition, I possess a proven track record of success in completing all projects and assignments within budget and in a timely manner. Finally, I am offering a strong attention to detail and accuracy and exceptional strength and stamina.

In order to describe my experience, I have worked as a Construction Worker for the past five years at GRC Engineering Ltd. and Natta Building Company, Inc. These experiences have helped me to improve my expertise in different aspects of this job. Some of the duties I have spent most of my work time on include:

  • Managing and overseeing a team of 5 construction workers; delegating responsibilities.
  • Operating and being in charge of various equipment.
  • Working on the construction of different and very complex commercial building projects simultaneously.
  • Planning and scheduling the construction.

I have attached my resume below for your further review. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind regards,

Mark Skov

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