Concrete Worker Cover Letter Sample

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Concrete Worker Cover Letter Sample (Textversion)

Janko Popadic

PPE & Sons, Inc.
Lausanne, Switzerland
Application for the position of Concrete Worker

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a highly-skilled and dedicated Concrete Worker with more than three years of extensive industry experience, I was excited to discover that you are looking to fulfill this position within your company. Not only I am certain that I possess everything necessary to execute the role successfully but I also believe that it would be an exceptional opportunity for me to grow both personally and professionally.

Possessing the Concrete Flatwork Finisher and Technician Certificate from the International Concrete Institute, I am adept at executing any duties associated with the job. At McCarthy Concrete, Inc., I was known as a self-driven professional with an exceptional work ethic and a strong attention to detail and accuracy which is often required for the role. There, I was mainly in charge of preparing, building, and maintaining various concrete structures to ensure that the company's high standards were always fully met. Besides that, I:

  • Reviewed and interpreted blueprints and construction plans, prepared materials, and communicated and worked closely with clients to identify their needs and requirements.
  • Maintained an all-time clean and safe work environment, prepared surfaces, and placed down proper reinforcing materials.
  • Provided beneficial advice and recommendations to clients and resolved any problematic issues.

During my time there, I had demonstrated multiple times that I excel at working both independently and in team environments and that I am able to take an initiative and lead any project to a successful finish. In addition, I am offering well-developed construction management skills, excellent manual dexterity, and a great physical endurance.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Janko Popadic

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