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Guide to the Galaxy

We’ve helped over 1.3m people worldwide kick-start their careers. Now you can find everything we’ve learned in one little book.

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What's inside

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From a clueless job seeker to a skilled job hunter in less than 1 hour

  • Launch your career from zero to hero
  • No bullshit, just simple tips, straight to the point
  • Less than one hour of reading. We promise!
  • More than 60 beautiful illustrations

What will you learn

  • How to write your resume and cover letter, step by step
  • How to create a robust online presence
  • What you need to research before an interview
  • How to ace every job interview
  • And many clever ways to hack the application process



Co-founder & CEO

He loves trying out every sport in the world and playing Photoshop pranks on his friends. Giving resume feedbacks to Kickresume users since 2013.


Co-founder & CMO

When he’s off his laptop and smartphone, he enjoys snowboarding and travelling. He edited thousands of resumes so don’t even try to tell him your resume cannot be less than 3 pages long.



She’s working toward the dream of creating her very own illustrated children’s book one day. She’s rather fond of baking banana bread and endless walks in galleries or mountains — it doesn’t really matter which one.


Career blogger

She loves puns, long sentences and taking lots of pictures everywhere she goes. She dreams of writing a book one day. (checked)


Content manager & Career blogger

He secretly loves the Oxford comma, exaggerated stories, and telling everyone how he totally almost died in the Patagonian rainforest once. A huge fan of bad jokes and good people.

Get the free book today

Available in PDF, ePub, mobi & iBooks.